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Firsts of God

I gaze at the evening sunset and rest my eyes upon the falling moon that will rest above the clouds tonight.

And I ponder what God must of thought as he placed the moon in such a spot burning with just the right amount light.

Was this a first for God, to put his breath upon the dark canvas and paint a universe so beautiful for us to see

How simple when he created man from the dust of nature’s orb, to be sinless and pure as any life can be

Was it a first for God when he wept sorrowful upon the first sin that Eden’s garden bloomed

Was it a first for God to turn the pages of time watching generations of his children to which he knew were doomed

The first’s of God are not singular, nor counted by an hourglass of sand or the magnitude of distant stars. For he has charge of all firsts that our minds can comprehend both in beauty and our scars.

For what firsts hath God shown us that we tremble from his glory and love given us to know his hand. Was it our first born, first love, or nature’s breath and magnificence throughout this land

For God’s hand brings us firsts to all that that wish to open our hearts and believe in him without our waiver. For he brought unto us a child, the lamb of God, the first, our holy savior.

So it is up to us the children of God for a first that our Lord has offered to thee. It’s putting Jesus Christ, though perfection he did walk, who had to first die for me.

Alpha and Omega, the begging and our end, our first and last chance to repent for all our sin. So make your decision quickly and shout prayers across the wind that an everlasting life for you may be your first, amen.

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