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My Kiah 3-19-20

It was a year ago on this day that I lost a friend of mine

She was oh so very young and died before her time

She never complained about the pain she must have truly had

She never even looked at me as if she felt so bad

It was just her time to go as she lay sweetly at my side

It hit me hard that day when my beautiful Kiah died

She was part Australian cattle dog a smart and agile breed

The other part German Shepherd a best friend indeed

It was unconditional love she gave for just about 10 years

From a puppy then young adult, my laughter became tears

A loyal friend till the end, I could of had none better

She even didn’t mind when I put on her OU sweater

She was lighting quick, could catch anything in mid air

I have such fond memories of seeing her crooked stare

She dipped her head so slightly as if her curiosity was peeked

As she played with my grandkids with gentleness so meek

There was no other dog I could possibly have loved more

She gently closed her eyes that day as we laid upon the floor

I still feel the loss today as much as when she passed away

So I felt compelled to write this, only if to say

Kiah you were a blessed friend and my love for you won’t stop

A golden beauty with a crooked tail, with ears at perk or flop

Kiah, when you get a chance, share with others just a smidge

How much you loved your owner as your crossing rainbow bridge

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