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Dear Lord

Dear Lord I seem to be lost today

I’ve looked all directions, can’t find my way

I’ve struggled with sin and my burden is vast

How long Lord before this to shall pass

Dear Lord I seem so distant today

I’ve even stumbled when I start to pray

For I seem unworthy even to ask

Please Lord tell me how long will this last

Dear Lord I seem so afraid today

What might I do or what might I say

Will I be hurtful Lord to those I love

I need your help from heaven above

Dear Lord I seem so weary today

I’m tired and weak so here I just lay

I’m not giving up Lord, I just need your hand

To pick me up and help me to stand

Dear Lord I seem to be better today

For you lifted my spirit and showed me the way

Your love for me indeed has no measure

You gave me strength for which I do treasure

Dear Lord today I’m refreshed in your Spirit

I just had to ask and then you did hear it

I am once again strong, for you are the way

Thank you dear Lord for your help today

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