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Earthly Things

Dear God, my God, the Holy of Holies to all

I’ve put together a list for You, waiting for your call

You see my list is very long, but for You it must seem short

For thy God has seen so many lists, what new could I report

Dear God, my God, the one and only is our King

I put together a song for you, awaiting your angles sing

My song is about lament and loss and the trouble of this day

Instead sing song and praise the name of Jesus, but so the angels say

Dear God, my God, the one on the throne of heaven

I put together bread for you, not prideful, but unleavened

It took no time to bake it, gave little thought of its flavor

For much more did I think of the bread of life, Jesus Christ my savior

Dear God, my God, so mighty is your love of all mankind

I crushed the grapes from the vine to make the sweetest wine

But drink instead I do, of the blood of Jesus Christ

For no sweeter can be than everlasting life

Dear God, my God, so hallowed is thy name so fine

I give it all to you, my list, my song, my bread, my wine

Nothing of earth matters much that I should not give to thee

For salvation is all I ask, through Jesus, an eternal life for me


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