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Faith by definition is to never doubt

In something that can’t be seen

Or to have full confidence in ones self

To achieve your lofty dream

Faith is a peace of mind we possess

In order to love another

We cannot touch or taste love

The invisible bond with others

Faith is not just a religious term

For even the Godless possess

Science itself is a secular faith

There’s no creator they confess

Faith is grace, faith is certain

Truly our minds believe

Without out faith our lives are empty

For what could anyone achieve

Faith seeks understanding

For we must continue to learn

The way of Jesus Christ our Lord

His words we must discern

Faith does not oppose

What science may prove to be true

For the spirit and the physical

Was created by God for you

But faith is most important

When seeking eternal life

For you must truly believe with faith

In our Lord Jesus Christ

If your faith is only earthly faith

What will judgment day tell

You might find instead of heaven

That you are cast in hell

So put your faith where it belongs

With God and our Lord Jesus

One needs only believe His truth

Through faith He will complete us

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