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Two words spoken many years ago changed the history of the world forever

These two words so simple in form, but oh so mighty and clever

Two words that I’m sure you’ve heard when danger was all around

Maybe you were lost and cold and scared and just waiting to be found

A stranger comes and says do not fear I can lead you to a better place

For you’ve lost the trail to which you were on, in this worldly race

You looked upon this strangers face and ask, do I know your name

He calmly looks at you and says, I am as I am he claimed

As he leads you away from all you know, you feel the compassion in his heart

He carries you in his arms for miles it seems without effort on his part

Then he puts your feet on the ground, a foundation sturdy and strong

He says be ready for what is coming next my lad, for the time it won’t be long

Then those two words were spoken and I saw a the light beaming from his robe and head

He spoke of forgiveness and eternal life as the choice I now had instead.

He looked me in the eye with all his love and said “Follow Me”

I knew at that moment what he meant, it was for eternity

Those two words “follow me” is a gift we need only receive

For Jesus died for all of us and now we just need to believe

Follow me He says and receive the glory of heaven’s light

Follow me, now, tomorrow, and always, to forever end the night

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