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He Is Alive

A single blade of green grass is alive

With water and food it will surely thrive

The tallest oak is alive for ages

And with it we now have written pages

Written pages of God’s own master plan

For heaven and earth and for all of man

God penned the Bible from human scribes

Starting with Moses and the Jewish tribes

The Torah tells us that God is alive

A covenant made so that we can survive

The first with Abraham without condition

No false promises and no superstition

Abraham’s heritage brings forth a nation

Exodus free Jews from slave occupation

The law on tablets, carved by God’s hand

40 years wandering, then a promised land

The nation begins with 12 worthy tribes

Of Jacobs descendants, Israel they divide

The promise land was theirs to proclaim

But so many forgot their creator’s name

Their sins were many, Gods wrath, great

He called the remnants that still had faith

King David’s line redeems sin from man

For nothing will ever deter God’s plan

Though sacrificed first, He had to die

But like the green grass, Jesus is alive

Jesus is our water and food for survival

Repent of your sins and prepare for revival

Death and resurrection ends not the story

For he is alive and will come back in glory

The blood of the lamb sacrificed for all

Upon his return, his Kingdom stands tall

So seek Christ today for he will provide

A glorious kingdom, for he is alive

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