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The Cross

How many doth really understand why Jesus gave his life

How many could have carried his cross with all his pains and strife

How many cried deeply on that treacherous day

How many spat on him as he climbed the hilly way

His blood flowed torturously from whips and chains and sticks

Spikes were driven into his feet and deeply into his wrists

For death was coming soon to him what did all this mean

A deliverance of us all from sin so we are thoroughly clean

While he suffered on the cross, he forgave those for what they did

And forgave another at his side as he repented of his sin

What man could take all this on but God’s only son

It is finished so he said, on Calvary it is done

But the story of the cross is not complete for then he rose from the grave

He had to show his disciples that there were many more to save

For on this day of Easter, as we attend our church to pray

Remember the cross to which he died and the tomb in which he lay

Remember the resurrection, for he is the the only way for us

Accept our savior Jesus now, for in our God we trust

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