The Holy Spirit

What is the Holy Spirit

What does it mean to you

Do you feel the closeness of God

And the comfort of Jesus too

Do you let the Spirit guide you

Through the good times and the bad

Does it fill you with peace and love

Even if you are feeling sad

When things are really difficult

Do you have as much control

As you would if you just allowed

The Holy Spirit through you to flow

What is the Holy Spirit

How does it manifest your soul

Only through faith in Jesus

Will the Holy Spirit grow

What if you deny the Spirit

And deny God and Jesus too

What will the end be like

For a sinner such as you

Accept Jesus now, today

Let the Holy Spirit in

For with it you’ll be better off

For His forgiveness of your sin

The choice is yours to make

As Jesus awaits your asking

With God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit

Receive life that’s everlasting

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