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The Only True Way

I picked up an old book today

it was dusty, dirty, and frayed

I looked at the title, the name was the Bible,

and for so long untouched it did lay

I decided to open the good book

I committed to give it a look

Now my interest was woken on the words that were spoken

As I read my emotions were shook

I read about Adam and Eve

And a snake for which Eve was deceived

It became clear that sin was now here

I wonder how many believed

Read about Noah and the flood

And Abraham’s sacrifice of his son

I read about Moses and the commandments God poses

To all of His chosen ones

I read so much of God’s grievance

For the chosen had no allegiance

How could they not see the love offered thee

Instead they had only malfeasance

I pondered as I continued my reading

Through the Gospels which continued my feeding

For the love Jesus gave so that all may be saved

For salvation we are all needing

So I read the Book cover to cover

For in it I would no doubt discover

That an eternal life regardless of strife

Cannot be given by others

Accepting Jesus is only true way

Repent of your sins as soon as today

For Jesus made clear that the end could be near

In Jesus Christ’s name I pray

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