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The Rapture

The End of days is nigh you hear from pulpits and the street

Sin has lasted way too long it’s time for Jesus to meet

Jesus says no one will know when he will make his glorious return

But if you believe, you know this, the cities are about to burn

The End of days is nigh my friend what have you done to prepare

Are you in prayer and thinking of God, or just wondering what to wear

Do you live your daily life as if God is just the distant passing

Or do you ask him to forgive your sins to live life everlasting

The End of days is nigh my friend, will you be here to explain

Will you be part of tribulations while The Antichrist has his reign

Will you be the first of one third to perish as prophecy is fulfilled

Will you succumb to the great plagues that Revelation has revealed

The End of days is nigh my friend are you really ready

Lift your head to the heavens now and hold your hands so steady

Ask the lord to forgive you now and believe he died for your sins

If your not sure he heard you, then ask and ask again

The End of days is nigh my friend are you praising His holy name

Are you standing beside someone who needs to do the same

Can you talk to him about what Jesus Christ has to give

For those who come to him this day, eternity he will live

The end of days is nigh my friend, regardless of the day or date

We must all be ready, be ready for heavens sake

Those whose faith is strong will leave in the twinkling of an eye

Don’t be the one that is left behind for you will surely die

The end of days is nigh my friend, get ready for the rapture

Don’t give in to Satans evil and let your soul be captured

Starting now is your time to have faith in Christ our lord

For you’ll want to hear when the rapture comes to the faithful, all aboard.

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