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The Stranger

He staggered to the car after a binge filled night

Everything was blurry, his eyes burned with streaks of light

A stranger asked him, young man are you doing okay

Not recognizing Him, he knew not what to say

He finally found the words and said I don’t know you, leave me alone

Then the man continued to stumble as he headed home

As he reached his house and rattled his pockets for keys

Again the stranger quietly asked would you let me help you please

But the offer went unanswered for he did not know the man

He said I can do this on my own, I need no helping hand

As he lay upon his bed, he felt the world spinning round

Then the stranger appeared by his side and said place your feet on solid ground

But again he did not recognize the stranger who offered help to stand

Not once, not twice, but thrice he denied His holy plan

For He was offering this man hope and a better way of life

If only he could recognize the stranger was Jesus Christ

If your life is empty and you’re binging on this world of sin

It’s probably time for you to let your Lord Jesus in

How do we come to the Father without first knowing the Son

And we must learn to recognize that He is only one

The only one who can protect us from the worlds evil intent

Accept Him in your heart and soul and your life will be better in it

Now the man awoke from his slumber seeing the stranger about to leave

Then he spoke the words with conviction, Jesus I believe.

For his eyes were now wide open and he knew it was time to repent

And he now walked with Jesus beside him everywhere that he went

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