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The Trinity

Three divided by one is three

That’s true for both you and me

Think of our Lord, then think of three

For we know He is the Trinity.

The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit

For in each, God is within it

One does not exist without the other

Nor would you exist without father and mother

John says in the beginning was the Word

Jesus Christ to flesh transferred

The Word was with God, and the Word was God

How many religions do deny or at odds

Christianity binds our heaven with earth

For without the Trinity we have no worth

Accepting Christ is our way to the Father

Without the Holy Spirit why would one bother

The Trinity may be so hard to explain

But faith and trust is the Lord’s campaign

Trust the Bible and the words penned by Him

Or the end of life will certainly be grim

If you want a life everlasting

You cannot do just works or fasting

You must repent and accept the one Holy Savior

Other than that, your doomed for failure

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