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The fire scorches the earth, leaving nothing but death in its path

The hurricane winds blow furious, complete devastation the aftermath

The earth shakes and trembles, cracking the blue earth to its core

Devastation is all around us, plagues are counted by the score

A man rises up with power so great, that all the world is enthralled

His believers are lining the streets, for his promise to save us all

But save them he will not, and ordered all mark their head or hand

Without the mark of the beast, you cannot buy or sell in the land

A trinity of evil on earth, Satan, the false prophet, the anti-Christ

Their kingdom which they rule only a “new world order” sufficed.

A third of this, a third of that, destroyed by God’s wrath and power

For it is time for man to be judged by God, it is the final hour

After Armageddon, a new dawn will then arise

We’ll look up into the clouds, the true Savior will arrive

Jesus Christ, the alpha and omega, cast the fallen demons down to hell

And the same for those that followed Satan, where they too will dwell

Jesus Christ will reign for 1000 years, over all the nations

For those that put their faith in God, and survive the tribulation

A horrific time, yet faith in Christ, through the rapture, you’re spared

But only if your faith is strong, and you are truly prepared

So take time today to strengthen your faith, and give God all the glory

Or be a part of a tribulation, the greatest horror story

For he that believes in Jesus, shall have eternal life, salvation

Would you rather be with Christ, or go through the tribulation?

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