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You’re Missing It

The storm clouds departed and a rainbow cast its beauty over the earth

But you are inside your house, and thus you’re missing it

As daylight starts to turn to dusk and clouds mix their colors with the golden sun producing a glorious sunset

But you are not awake to see, thus you’re missing it

The bird chirped in the tree as her eggs were gently cracking so that life could be given anew

But you are sitting at the trunk of the tree thinking only of yourself, thus you’re missing it

The mother felt the pains of labor and knew it was time to go and called you, the father, to come to witness your first child

But you are working late for riches of your own, thus you’re missing it

The bus arrived to take you on a destination of wonder and beauty, but you are looking away with sinful thoughts, thus you’re missing it

A preacher was sharing the word of God to all who would listen in the street, but you are in a hotel committing adultery, thus you’re missing it

A pastor is sharing the love of Jesus in your church, but you are tired today and stay home, thus you’re missing it.

Jesus is knocking on your door, but you don’t believe it’s him so you lock the door instead, thus you’re missing it.

The rapture comes and many of those you know and love are whisked away, but you remain, thus you’re missing it

Look for rainbows, watch the sunset, listen to the trees, be with your wife and firstborn, get on the bus, listen to the preacher, go to church, answer the door, give yourself to God, be ready for the rapture, or my dear friend, you’re missing it. Are you missing it?

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