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Another Resolution

Another anniversary of the year coming to close.

I have only minutes left to write this poem or prose.

I guess what I'm to do is make my resolution.

Tonight, however, I have no good solutions.

We need solutions for the hatred that lines are angry streets.

We need respect and appreciation for the cops that work the beat.

We need to take the time to love our neighbor.

Be he black, white, gay, or straight, should it really matter?

The only thing that really matters is the love that's in our hearts.

For all our fellow men, that would be a start. Some say since I am conservative I must be a racist too.

I have nothing against any color, especially, red, white, and blue.

That is the only colors that we should all be concerned about.

Say your proud to be an American, take the time to shout. So my resolution this year is to be just me;

A proud American no matter my race, in the land of the brave and free.

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