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Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy, it's me inside of your tummy

It so cozy and warm, and that breakfast was yummy

You are taking such good care of me every day

The way you hold me in that special way

The way you talk to me as you rub on your side

The way you cry those happy tears of pride

I can't wait to feel your loving hands

And witness the oceans, the beaches, and sands

For I will be with you, your girl or your boy

To hold your hand while I play with my toys

To lay by your side while you read me a story

The day I arrive will be such glory

I cannot wait to see your beautiful smile

And hear you sing to me as I sleep for awhile

There might be times that I'm a bit cranky

Just rock me gently with my warm blanky

Soon Mommy soon, the day will be here

A day in which all you friends can cheer

For the day that I'm born is for me life anew

Whether you put me in pink bows or blue

So as I anxiously wait for my arrival

Keep doing all you do for my survival

Read to me, sing to me, keep me safe and sound

And before you know it I'll have my feet on the ground

I love you so much Mommy, I knew it from first light

But for now I'm getting sleepy. Love you Mommy, good night.

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