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Dear Addiction

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Dear addiction, I do not know your name.

Whether alcohol, meth, or opioids, it matters none the same.

You are a powerful source, you feed on weakened souls.

You take from those that desire you from head down to their toes.

Dear addiction, I am saddened by what you do.

I’ve enabled you, denied you, and even enjoyed you to.

You’ve masked yourself as alcohol for many that are here.

You taken some to the brink of death, and made them disappear.

Vanished from their families, vanished from their friends.

With each drink they fall into an abyss that has no end.

You even stole from me, addiction, another innocent life.

That one you stole, addiction, is my lovely wife.

Sure she had some fun with you early in her youth.

But you dragged her down into your hell of lies and buried her truth.

Is this your plan, addiction, to claim misery to all?

How much you must enjoy each victim as they fall.

Addiction, let me tell you now, that victory will be short.

We have the power of God on our side and you are on report.

Through strength of faith and fellowship we will come back strong.

You’ll be left with nothing, just a vacant hollow song.

I’m angry at you, addiction, thus I will seal your fate.

But I’m glad I got to meet you, before it was too late.

There’s hope, faith, oneness of group that will lead to your demise.

You will no longer be in the open, evil you cannot disguise.

So put away your bottle, addiction, and put away your pills.

I no longer will listen to your captivating shrills.

You will be defeated soon and buried deep in the sod.

For addiction you are nothing compared to my faith in God.

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