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Fallen Heroes

Remember when you watched your favorite sport

And did not have to hear first , the players "court" report

Remember when sportsmen were our heroes

However, it appears that most of them are zeros

Remember when we looked over at the stat sheet

Today we must review our favorite players rap sheet

Remember when we watched sports for victory and cheer

Baltimore won't be cheering Ray Rice this year

The Vikings have seen their best just get arrested

For child abuse no doubt he will protest it

What of Tiger Woods who stood atop the green

One of the worst adulterers I have ever seen

Arod, Bonds, Clemons, and the rest

Can't even begin to pass a steroid test.

So what happened to the heroes of the sport for which we crave

We even have some players that put others to an early grave

Murderers, abusers, drug addicted and lost

I guess it's the price to pay for "winning at all cost"

I guess it's only fair to say it started long ago

I'm sure if you follow baseball, you know of shoeless Joe

Maybe you’re a bicycler of many miles long

Of course we know your hero, it was Lance Armstrong

All of us admired his determination and grit

His true love was for the needle, or the business end of it.

I could go on and on and list more who disappointed

We should no longer think that sportsman should be anointed

We should look for real heroes instead of through a sport

Maybe Army, Navy, or Marines might be a place to start

The truest heroes of them all are ones who've died for us

So that we are free to watch a game of sports we no longer trust

Forget about a hero who can dunk a basketball

He will just let you down because some day he'll fall

There are men of the world that should have "hero" by their name

But none of them should be considered just for playing a game

Next time you turn on the TV to watch your favorite teams

Think about a hero and what it truly means.

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